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YC15 Camp

Once again this year we held the annual Youth Camp this month, this time at a larger location in Berwick St. James.  The camp, initially funded by the Dioceses’ Aldhelm Mission Fund, is a non-denominational event designed to resource young people in relating to and in connecting with Christianity in 21st Century, postmodern Britain.  Using a principle of ‘bring a friend’ the camp aims not only to strengthen Christians but also to lead new young people to faith by using content that connects directly with today’s social culture.

Camps sessions included, ‘Hearing from God’, ‘Forgiveness’ and our very popular ‘Holy Spirit Evening’ which is similar to a part of the Alpha Course by the same name.  Time was also set aside for reflection and this included being welcomed into Berwick St. James church where we gave thought on how our faith today fits in with and links to church history.

Camp highlights included the night-navigation exercise in the local woods.  Learning how to build and light camp-fires without paper or matches, but also Laser Tag, a combat game inside an inflatable structure with electronic scoring guns. Finally, parents joined us for an end-of-camp barbeque where they were able to chat to us and hear about what we had been doing.

The church youth camp is a collaboration between local church leaders of all denominations who have a heart for and want to see young people forming the Christian communities of the future. Why not join us for 2016?

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Success for Youth Camp 2014

Young people from around Salisbury gathered last weekend for “Youth Camp 2014” the working title for an event now in its second year of operation following sponsorship by the Aldhelm Mission Fund and an endorsement by Bishop Nicholas.

Situated in the parish of Barford the camp is an ecumenical collaboration between the Benefices of Bartholomew, (Semley) Chalke Valley, Nadder Team and City gate church in Salisbury, part of the Pioneer network.

The vision for the project set out in 2011 was to grow a camp for up to 200 young people serving an area approximating to the Sarum Archdeaconry although enquires this year came in from as far away as Poole and were most welcome.

The aim of the project is to reach young people on their own terms, help them to build a relationship with God, encourage them to be transformed by the Holy Spirit and to enter into a relationship with Christ.  The 2014 camp exceeded expectations in a number of ways, especially spiritually.  in addition to all of the fun, recreational activities such as midnight swimming and the camp fire, seven hours of formal teaching was delivered and this was met by a powerful response by the participants who were persistent and diligent in their questioning of the Christian faith.

Plans are already afoot for 2015 and the current camp organisers are very keen to hear from churches who would like to partner with this project.  Through collaboration it is hoped to produce the kind of camp that no one church alone could stage on its own.

Each individual participant is encouraged to ‘bring a friend’ to the camp, especially one who may be un-churched, so instantly members become engaged in the kind of mission that is much needed for the renewal and revival of all of our churches.

If your church would like to partner with this project please contact the organisers via or speak to Bruce Dunton on 01722 744800



Please email us at if you would like to ask any questions.


Bishop endorses our camp

“Bringing the Christian faith to children and young people, in a way that is accessible and relevant to their lives, is one of the greatest challenges facing churches today.  It is my hope that the Salisbury Youth Church Camp will be part of the solution to this and that in these uncertain and sometimes broken times it will offer a touchstone for stability, personal growth and contentment.”

“It is also my hope that it will offer churches and other groups an opportunity to unite and collaborate in a potent and ecumenical, mission resource”.

Nicholas Holtham, Bishop of Salisbury.  July, 2012

Click here to see Youth Camp 2012 in action

Unbelievably wet weather added an interesting dimension to a weekend that exceeded all expectations.  Our theme for 2012 camp was ‘The church of The Future’ and we asked, “What is your vision for a future church”

We wanted to let the young know that they are the Christian church of the future and we wanted to ask them how they think this church should be?  Are the adults getting it right?  

Exploring answers through the medium of art and drama led to startling revelations which make for compelling viewing.


Youth Camp – Our vision

The vision for our youth camp is to share it’s success and partner with other churches, of all denominations.  In collaboration with the Chalke Deanery and Citygate Church, Salisbury we are working to build a team of churches who will be equal stakeholders with us in sharing this wonderful opportunity to engage powerfully with children and young persons in the salisbury area, join us now and help shape the future of youth mission here.



Our camps are generously supported by the Aldhelm Mission Fund. 

To learn more about the work of the Aldhelm Mission Fund, click here